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The calibration set provides high accuracy of measurements in the frequency range from 0 to 6000 MHz. Designed for use in both practical and laboratory environments. Requires a careful handling. Excessive loads can disable the set.

Kit contents:

1. Matched calibration load 50 Ohm SMA(Female) DC-6000MHz
2. Matched calibration load 50 Ohm SMA(Male) DC-6000MHz
3. SHORT-circuited calibration load SMA(Female) DC-6000MHz
4. SHORT-circuited calibration load SMA(Male) DC-6000MHz
5. OPEN calibration load SMA(Female) DC-6000MHz
6. OPEN calibration load SMA(Male) DC-6000MHz
7. Adapter SMA(Male) - SMA(Male) DC-6000MHz
8. Adapter SMA(Female) - SMA(Female) DC-6000MHz

This calibration set is recommended to buy together with the measuring bridge of the standing wave ratio SWR 2700 and spectrum analyzer ARINST SSA-TG R2.