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PLC adapter is a device that allows 220 Volt power cables to be used for data transmission. Provides a data flow rate up to 100 Mbps. Device does not require special skills to install. All you need to do is connect one adapter to the power outlet and connect it to the router using the ethernet cable included in the kit. The second adapter must be connected to any other outlet and also connect it with an ethernet cable to the device you want to connect to the local network (laptop, TV set-top box, etc.). Two adapters are automatically connected to each other and begin to transmit data through the wiring in the walls. This method of connection is characterized by stability and high data transfer rate.

Note that two or more adapters are required to build a network using PLC technology!

Dimensions (length , width , height ), mm
105  x   57  x   85 


PLC-adapter QPLA-200v.2P rev.2
Ethernet cable 1,5 m
User manual