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3G/4G router Kroks Rt-Brd Uw Atheros is a ready solution for providing Internet for the office, cottage or private home. Thanks to PoE, the user receives a high-quality Internet without signal loss in the cable at a distance up to 100 meters. The device runs under the operating system OpenWRT, providing bandwidth allocation (QoS), firewall, user access control and many other features.

ATTENTION! You can operate the router in pair with a modem only if the modem is connected to an external antenna by pigtails. In other cases, to reduce mutual interference, it is necessary to connect the modem via a USB extension cable with a length of 20 cm and take the modem away from the router.

The device is a compact PCB for installation in hermetic box 3G or 4G antenna. 3G/4G modem is connected to the router. Thus, the modem is in close proximity to the antenna, so the loss of microwave signal in the cables from the antenna to the modem is minimal.

The router is specially designed for operation in the antenna KAA15-1700/2700 U-BOX and with parabolic antennas and hermetic boxes.

Key benefits:

  • compact size: can be placed in antenna;
  • the power supply of the router is supplied via a twisted pair category 5E or above (pair 4-5 serves "+", pair 7-8 serves "-");
  • supply voltage 9 to 24 V (i.e., suitable for almost any power supply);
  • cable length up to 100 meters;
  • supports all modern 3G/4G modems;
  • built-in WiFi module 2.4 GHz 802.11 g/n up to 150 Mbit/s.

Main features:

  • Ram 64 MB;
  • Rom 64 MB;
  • The transmitter power of 15 mW (12 dBm);
  • Standard: IEEE 802.11 n;
  • CPU 400 MHz;
  • PoE power 9~24 V, not more than 10 W.

Attention! Modem, hermetic box, antenna, etc. are not included in the scope of delivery of the router. Scope of supply - only one router (i.e., PCB).

Dimensions (length , width , height ), mm
111  x   61  x   20 


Router Kroks Rt-Brd Uw Atheros