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Antenna KAA14–2600DP is used in LTE 4G networks

The advantage of our antenna is that, unlike other manufacturer's antennas, the KAA14–2600DP has independent antenna elements for each polarization, that allows to reach the maximum speed when operating in the  MIMO standard.

Conducted tests in networks of mobile operator showed a change in data transfer speed when installing this antenna up to 60 Mbps, without it — about 10 Mbps, which will certainly once again underlines its effectiveness.

In this video you can see the effectiveness of this antenna in terms of low level signal from the operator.

Crosspolarization decoupling for MIMO standard must exceed 22-24 dB. Antenna KAA14–2600DP has crosspolarization isolation exceeding 35 dB, which allows to use all the features of the standard MIMO, even in conditions of low signal level.

Antenna KAA14–2600DP is antenna array with weakly correlated antenna elements, which is achieved through the use of technology of polarization diversity signals. When using the antenna KAA14–2600 can be achieved as increasing the speed of information transmission, and improve reliability of wireless data transmission.

Antenna KAA14–2600DP consists of two 14 dB antenna elements, the polarization separation of 90°. Each antenna element is operated as reception and signal transmission.

The case of 4G antenna is made of high quality ABS plastic, which is resistant to UV radiation, does not lose its properties under a long action of sunlight and rain. The base of the antenna is painted using powder paint that delivers good adhesion of the paint layer, its durability and resistance to mechanical stress.

The radiation pattern in the horizontal and vertical planes.

The antenna is designed for installation on the mast or on the wall with wall bracket KH-200.

Dimensions (length , width , height ), mm
210  x   210  x   85 

Antenna characteristics:

Operating frequency range, MHz
Antenna gain, dB
VSWR in the operating frequency range, not more than
Input impedance, Ohm
Maximum input power, W
F- female
N- female
Permissible wind load, m/s
Operating temperature range, °C
-40 … +50
Maximum permissible humidity, %
Port isolation, not less, dB
Type of mounting
on the tube
Execution type
With thermobox


Angled bracket
Pipe clamp