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Set KSS18-3G/4G is designed to provide stable access to the Internet in zones of uncertain reception of a signal. The kit supports standards LTE1800, UMTS2100, LTE2600 all cellular operators and is compatible with all 3G and 4G USB modems equipped with CRC9 or TS9 connector.

The kit includes:

  1. Directional 18 dB 4G/3G antenna KP18-1700/2700F
  2. Cable assembly with F(male) connectors 10 meters
  3. Universal pigtail CRC9/TS9
  4. Bracket KH-200 with a set of hardware

The installation kit is simple and does not require special skills and equipment. When you install the antenna you will need to direct it to base station of mobile operator and fixed to the bracket. After that, connect the antenna wire to the modem and enjoy the stable Internet access.

Installation steps:

  • Collect external antenna, that is to tie it to the fixture and the clamp for attaching to the mast or bracket.
  • To install the mast or bracket for mounting the antenna. Recommend to install the antenna as high as possible, to ensure direct visibility to the base station operator.
  • Fix the antenna on the bracket. The antenna must be located no closer than 30 cm from other antennas.
  • Connect the cable to stretch to the point of installation of modem or router.
  • Connect the cable to  flexible pigtails.
  • Connect the pigtails to the modem.
  • Plug the modem into the USB port of a computer or Wi-Fi router.
Dimensions (length , width , height ), mm
485  x   265  x   80 


Cable assembly 10 meters
Mounting set