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The NF-488 PoE Checker is consists of two parts: an Emmiter and a remote. It has functions such as standart and non-standart PoE equipment deyection, PoE power online test, network cable continuity test, DC power test, switch loop-back test and other functions. Therefore, it is a practical tool for installation and maintenance of tecgnical personnel in security monitoring, communication wires, integrated wiring and other weak current systems.

Main functions and features:

  • test the information of standart/non-standart PoE device, such as voltage, polarity, midspan or endspan;
  • identify the type of PSE;
  • test of real-time power consumption by PD devices in PoE power supply sestems;
  • test the open, short, cross ststus in the network cable;
  • test the power consumed by DC appliances;
  • the loop test function of the switch.

Main characteristics:

  • cable types: STP/UTP;
  • max testing range: 600 m;
  • wire mapping: 1. Emmiter + Remote
                               2. Emmiter + switch/router;
  • test range: DC 5-60V PoE switch;
  • standart identify: 802.3af/at (standart/non-standart);
  • test range power: 0-18W;
  • voltage test range: DC 0-60V;
  • current test range: 0-3A;
  • power test range: 0-180W;
  • input voltage protection: DC 48V, 5mA;
  • max working current: ≤80mA;
  • loopback: compatible with 10M, 100M, 1000M switch;
  • power supply: 3*AAA;
  • ports: RJ45.
Dimensions (length , width , height ), mm
30  x   70  x   130 


Emmiter, 1pc
Remote, 1pc
AA battary, 3pcs
Cable lead, 1pc
User manual, 1pc
Carry case, 1pc
Gift box, 1pc