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Standing wave ratio measuring bridge (SWR bridge) is a passive device that is designed to measure the reflection coefficient of radio frequency circuits and elements. The source of the RF signal is a swiping generator of the spectrum analyzer, from which the signal is fed to the tested device through the SWR bridge.

Depending on the reflection coefficient of the tested device, part of the signal is reflected to the SWR bridge and then sent to the receiver (to the measuring input of the device), where it is processed and displayed.

The measuring bridge allows to measure the standing wave ratio and the quality of load matching with the feeder. The device is based on the Wheatstone bridge with matching elements.

Device connecting.

The measuring bridge is designed to work in conjunction with the Arinst SSA‑TG R2 spectrum analyzer, but it is also possible to work with devices from other manufacturers.

Designations in scheme:

TG OUT Signal generator output Open OPEN calibration standart
RF IN Antenna input Short SHORT calibration standart
TG OUT Measuring bridge input Load LOAD calibration standart
TO RF IN Measuring bridge output DUT Test device
TEST Measuring port

To connect device to the spectrum analyzer Arinst SA-TG and Arinst SA-T GLC you need to purchase additional:

Technical parameters.

Name of parameter Values
Frequency range 1-2700 MHz
VSWR (50 Ohm) ports < 1,5*


TO RF IN| TEST port=Short – TO RF IN| TEST port=Load**
1 MHz to 2200 MHz > 25 dB
2200 MHz to 2700 MHz > 15 dB
Coupling (TEST port – TO RF IN) -10 dB

Insertion loss

1 MHz to 1600 MHz < 6 dB
1600 MHz to 2400 MHz < 9 dB
2400 MHz to 2700 MHz < 15 dB
Operating temperature range 0 … +40 °С
Overall dimensions (D×W×H) without SMA ports 80×40×28 mm
with SMA ports 80×60×28 mm
Weight 0,1 kg

*- VSWR of the coupled port is not regulated;

**- here and below are the device port notation is shown.

Dimensions (length , width , height ), mm
57  x   81  x   27 


Measuring bridge
Adapter SMA(male)-SMA(male), 2 pcs

Manuals, descriptions:

1794 - Measuring bridge KSB 2700.pdf