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+7 (473) 290-00-99

Using the booster allows you to compensate for the power loss in the cable during the passage of the signal to the repeater and to provide additional gain. It is installed between the indoor antenna and the repeater. The gain of the presented booster is 35 dB, power - 30 dBm, which allows you to extend the repeater coverage over an area of up to 1500 m2. The booster is not an independent device for signal amplification, but works only in conjunction with a repeater with support for the corresponding frequency ranges.

Dimensions (length , width , height ), mm
210  x   265  x   58 

Repeaters characteristics:

Operating frequency range UpLink
1920-1980 MHz
Operating frequency range DownLink
2110-2170 MHz
UpLink gain
35 dB
DownLink gain
35 dB
Maximum output power UpLink
0 dbM (1 mW)
Maximum output power DownLink
30 dbM (1000 mW)
Noise figure
≤5 dB
Power supply
10 V, 6 A
Power consumption
60 W
Connector type
Communication standard
3G (UMTS2100)


Power supply