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The mobile repeater RK2100-80 solves problems with signal reception of mobile phones in areas where signal is weak or absent altogether. For the successful implementation of repeater the signal outside of the room should be steady and sustainable. The repeater is easy to install and configure, easy to operate. The 3G2100 amplifier not only increases the running time of mobile phones between charges, but also reduces the overall radiation level from mobile phones. The repeater is designed to amplify the mobile signal in a private home, office, shopping and entertainment center, factories and other large facilities.

Basic properties of repeater RK2100-80:

  • amplifies the signal of mobile operators in 3G2100 communication standards;
  • low power consumption;
  • 9 V supply voltage;
  • high gain 80 dB;
  • duplex communication;
  • manual control of the AGC input and output signals level;
  • low noise.
Dimensions (length , width , height ), mm
190  x   265  x   58 

Repeaters characteristics:

Operating frequency range UpLink
1920-1980 MHz
Operating frequency range DownLink
2110-2170 MHz
UpLink gain
75 dB
DownLink gain
80 dB
Maximum output power UpLink
+26 dBm
Maximum output power DownLink
+30 dBm
Noise figure
≤5 dB
Power supply
DC 9 V, 5 A
Power consumption
30 W
Connector type
Communication standard
3G (UMTS2100)


Power supply 9V, 5A