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+7 (473) 290-00-99

Repeater mobile signal RK1800-70 solves problems with signal reception of mobile phones in areas where signal is weak or absent altogether. For the successful application of the repeater signal on the outside of the premises should be confident and stable. The repeater is simple to install and configure, easy to use. This repeater increases the duration of operation of mobile phones between charges and reduce the overall level of radiation from mobile phones. The repeater is designed to amplify the mobile signal of the GSM1800 standard in the city and larger towns, the attack in the house, apartment, office, cafe.

Basic properties repeater RK1800-70:

  • high gain up to 70 dB;
  • duplex communication;
  • automatic gain control;
  • manual gain control to 30 dB;
  • led indication of operation modes;
  • Meets the requirements: "the Rules of application of base stations and retransmitters for the systems of mobile radio communications. Part II. Rules of application subsystems for base stations and repeaters of networks of mobile radio telephone communication of GSM 900/1800 standard", est. The order of Ministry of communications of Russia dated 12.04.2007, № 45, as amended by Orders of the Ministry of communications of Russia dated 01.02.2012 № 28, from 23.04.2013 № 93, from 11.03.2014 №38, from 22.09.2014 № 307.
Dimensions (length , width , height ), mm
290  x   180  x   55 

Repeaters characteristics:

Operating frequency range UpLink
1710-1785 MHz
Operating frequency range DownLink
1805-1880 MHz
UpLink gain
DownLink gain
Maximum output power UpLink
20 dBm
Maximum output power DownLink
25 dBm (300mV)
Noise figure
≤6 dBi
Power supply
AC 100-240V 50 Hz / DC 5V, 3А
Power consumption
5 W
Connector type
Communication standard
Gain, dB


Power supply 5V, 1A
Repeater RK1800-70M