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SIM Injector is a remote SIM device. It allows you to install and replace the SIM card much more conveniently and quickly. Two SIM-cards automatically switch among themselves and provide uninterrupted communication. The distance to the external router built into the antenna can reach 100 meters. Support for PoE technology allows power and data transmission over twisted pair. To do this, use a power injector. The connection diagram is as follows:

This SIM injector is combined in one housing with a 5-port router. An external router is connected via a WAN port, and four LAN ports allow you to connect devices to a local network. This device is equipped with a Wi-Fi module and antennas included in the package, which provides wireless communication. Thus, the technical design of this SIM injector makes this device a universal solution for reliable and comfortable access to the Internet.

The SIM injector is powered through the power supply included in the delivery. PoE technology is also available. Use a power injector for this. Connection options are shown in the drawings below:

Fig. 1. Connection diagram for the SIM injector using a power supply.

Fig. 2. Connection diagram for SIM injector using a power injector.

Fig. 3. General wiring diagram for the SIM injector.


Ports and interfaces of the SIM injector:

  • Ethernet ports - 5 pcs., 100 Mbps:
    - WAN+POE - 1pc;
    - LAN - 4 pcs;
  • SIM-reader - 2 pcs;
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 2 pcs. RP-SMA connector (female).

Main characteristics:

  • Ram 64 MB; Rom 16 MB; CPU 580 MHz;
  • Wi-Fi transmitter power 20 dBm;
  • power supply 6-24 V.

Default settings:

  • the address of the web interface of the SIM injector for additional settings is;
  • login for entering the web interface of the SIM injector is root; no password for entering the web interface;
  • Wi-Fi network name (SSID) - Rt-Cse5 UW DRSIM, password 123456789;
  • pressing the reset button (RESET) for up to 5 seconds - rebooting the device;
  • pressing the reset button (RESET) for 5 to 30 seconds - returns to the factory settings.


Patch cord RJ45-RJ45, 0.5 m
Power supply