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Antenna KP9-8696-RFID designed for use in logistics and accounting traffic. The antenna allows to increase the range for reading RFID tags, as well as to increase the reliability of operation. Designed to work with tags of both American and European standards with a wide range of frequencies from 860 to 960 MHz.

In addition, this antenna can be used in reinforcement systems for mobile communications, especially indoors. Firstly, it has low level of side and back lobes, which allows to achieve high isolation. Secondly, due to the circular polarization decreases the probability of fading signals in the interference. When crossing zones of radiation of the two antennas with circular polarization of the polarization vector of the antennas are constantly rotating and you can't stack with each other with the formation of a sustainable pattern of highs and lows, what is likely to happen when using antennas with linear polarization.

The body of the antenna is resistant to weather conditions. The antenna can be used both inside and outdoors. Antenna works fine at the reception and signal transmission.

The body of the antenna is made of high quality ABS plastic, which is resistant to UV radiation, does not lose its properties under a long action of sunlight and rain. The base of the antenna is painted by a method of powder coating, which ensures good adhesion of the paint layer, its durability and resistance to mechanical stress.

The antenna is designed for installation on the mast or on the wall with wall bracket KH-200.

Dimensions (length , width , height ), mm
310  x   310  x   100 

Antenna characteristics:

Operating frequency range, MHz
Antenna gain, dB
VSWR in the operating frequency range, not more than
Input impedance, Ohm
Maximum input power, W
N- female
F- female
Permissible wind load, m/s
Operating temperature range, °C
-40 … +50
Maximum permissible humidity, %
Communication standard
UMTS 900
GSM 900
Type of mounting
на трубу
Execution type


Хомут для крепления к трубе и набор метизов
Угловая скоба