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Cable RG-6U SAT-703(75 Ohm) is one of the most quality and effective solutions to transfer data at frequencies up to 3000 MHz. This cable consists of central copper conductor and dual screen.

The center conductor is solid copper. Braid made of tinned copper, and a screen made of durable aluminum foil. Cable RG-6U SAT-703 resistant to moisture, increased UV, and abrupt temperature spikes. The nominal characteristic impedance of RG-6U 96 is 75 Ohm. The outer shell is made from white PVC with green stripe.

Frequency(MHz) Attenuation dB/m
800 0,17
1000 0,175
1700 0,23
2050 0,26
2400 0,29
3000 0,312
3500 0,386

Measurements were made on signal power of 10 dBm. Due to the higher attenuation at frequencies from 800 MHz to 3 GHz, in spite of the resistance 75 Ohm we recommend to use this cable to connect antenna to 3G or 4G antenna for modem.

Cables - characteristics:

Wave resistance
Diameter of center conductor, mm
Center conductor material
Diameter of dielectric, mm
Dielectric material
foamed polyethylene
Diameter of braid, mm
Braid material
foil, tinned copper wire
Diameter of external insulator, mm
Eexternal Insulator Material
Capacity, pF / meter
Operating temperature range
-40/+85 °C
Cable type
Cable sort