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Cable RG-178 is used in electronic equipment with an operating range of frequencies up to 3000 MHz.

In the cable are used:

  • as a dielectric - PTFE
  • center conductor with silver,
  • copper braid with silver,
  • PTFE outer insulator.

Feature of PTFE as insulator in the cable is:

  • the temperature resistance, which allows to produce high-quality soldering of microcubes RG-178 without the use of special tool;
  • small shrinkage ratio during heating;
  • cable resistance to aggressive environments;
  • aging resistance (light and oxygen).

Cable RG-178 has a low attenuation and stable impedance and SWR in wide frequency range.

Adapter cable based on RG-178 is recommended to use in microwave apparatus, in the measuring apparatus, in particular, the transmitters and receivers in computer technology - in all cases, when the quality of the cable-plug connection increased demands.

Cables - characteristics:

Wave resistance
Operating temperature range
-40/+85 °C
Cable type
Cable sort