+7 (473) 290-00-99
+7 (473) 290-00-99

TS9 connector is suitable for modems from the following manufacturers:

Huawei: E5776 (MTS 821FT), E587, E589, E5332, E5372,  E392, E398.

ZTE: MF60, MF61, MF62, MF70, MF622, MF626i, MF652, MF658, MF631, MF633, MF668, MF170, MF821, MF821D, MF823, MF825

Sierra Wireless: C888, C889, usb301, usb306, usb308, 312u, 320u Sierra 753, 760s

When ordering from 50 pieces and more, wholesale prices are valid. Discount up to 50%. Specify details by phone.

Dimensions (length ), mm

Characteristics of pigtails:

Connector on one side
Connector on the other side