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Arinst SSA-TG LC R2 is a panoramic spectrum analyzer with built-in signal generator, which is designed to display the spectrum of signals in the main frequency range 36 to 3000 MHz.

Arinst SSA-TG LC R2 is a cost-reduced version of Arinst SSA-TG R2. There is no built in battery and data transfer via bluetooth in the LC version. The device transmits data and receives power only by USB cable.

The device allows to determine the amplitude and frequency of spectral components included in the signal.

Another important feature is the presence of an additional function signal generator, which allows to measure the frequency response of active devices such as a repeater, to measure the SWR of antennas, etc.

The spectrum analyzer displays the spectrum of signals of all common technologies: WiFi, 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, CDMA, DCS, GSM, GPRS, GLONASS, etc.

In addition to the main frequency range 36-3000 MHz the device has an optional extended range from 3000 to 5990 MHz, where the measurement error is higher than in the main range. Working in the extended range use the device only for displaying signals for their evaluation, but not for measurements.

For whom?

Using the device, service centers and repair crews can perform an RF analysis for commissioning or repair work. In addition, our analyzer is ideal for workshops and hobbyists.

For example, using the device you can perform the following operations:

  • put an external antenna on the base station
  • to conduct a rapid analysis of RF environments
  • to check the correct operation of the repeater cellular
  • repair and adjustment of the repeater, generator, filter, etc.

How does it work?

Spectrum analyzer made in the form of the device, which is connected in the measuring circuit. Unlike ARINST SSA-TG analyzer ARINST SSA-TG LC has no internal battery and is powered by USB cable and has no Bluetooth module. All data transfer and power are via USB cable. This decision allowed to reduce the cost of analyzer ARINST SSA-TG LC R2 compared to ARINST SSA-TG R2.

The instrument is controlled in one of two ways:

- using an Android smartphone or tablet

- via a PC or laptop with Windows operating system.

Since the data between the device and the smartphone/tablet/PC are transferred via USB cable, and it also carried the power to the device, the smartphone or tablet must support OTG (usually all new devices with Android 4.1 or above).

All measured data are displayed on the screen of the smartphone/tablet/computer in the real time.

The program to control the spectrum analyzer using a smartphone or tablet can be installed from Google Play or download here.

The program for controlling the spectrum analyzer using a computer or laptop can be downloaded from here.

For normal operation of the application Windows 7 or higher and the latest version of the Java Virtual Machine are required.

The application requires full (100%) support of OpenGL of version 2.1 and above.

The analyzer control program displays the previous version of the ARINST SSA-TG LC.

The main functions of the application to control the device:

  • viewing the spectrum of signals in the form of graphs, with setting the frequency range and reference level;
  • installation and management of absolute and relative (delta) markers;
  • search of one or several (up to ten) the maximum values of the signal in the snapshot or tracking modes;
  • assignment and storage of unique identifiers for frequency ranges; for example, you can assign a range called “DCS UpLink” to the range 1710-1785 MHz, and you can also assign operating frequency areas to each operator. This option greatly facilitates RF analysis and identification for standard technology signals;
  • the presence of predefined ranges, as well as the ability to save ranges in a file and share it with other devices for controlling spectrum analyzers Arinst SSA-TG LC R2;
  • trace mode, in which a signal spectrum averaged over several measurements is built. In addition to the average, display modes of extreme values, moving average are possible. The number of measurements for tracing is selected by the user;
  • saving of spectrum scanning settings (frequency range boundaries, attenuator value, etc.) for quick and convenient switching to the required measurement mode;
  • saving the signal spectrum along with markers for subsequent analysis. At the same time, the saved chart can be opened on any Android device with the Arinst SSA application installed (it is not necessary to have a spectrum analyzer itself), or converted to the desired view using any spreadsheet editor;
  • simultaneous display of several selected frequency ranges;
  • the presence of a tracking generator function for measuring the amplitude-frequency characteristics of filters, amplifiers and antennas.


  • low price;
  • wide range of displayed frequencies: from 36 to 5990 MHz;
  • quick scan frequency range: ~ 150 µs per point;
  • high measurement accuracy: 2 dB within a dynamic range of 70 dB
  • work with most devices running Android and Windows-based computers;
  • the ability to use one device with multiple smartphones/tablets/computers
  • unprecedented ease of use in field conditions: the weight is just 125 g, the size 88х81х22 mm;
  • free multifunctional software and free updates for instrument control.

Technical characteristics (only for the main measured frequency range 36-3000 MHz):

  • displayed frequency range: 36-5990 MHz;
  • the main measured frequency range: 36-3000 MHz;
  • the dynamic range in the band 36-3000 MHz: 70 dB;
  • maximum span: 5954 MHz;
  • bandwidth drive: 250 kHz fixed;
  • the speed of the review in the band 100 MHz: < 0.1 sec;
  • shelf noise in the band 36-3000 MHz: < -95 dBm;
  • impedance: 50 Ohm;
  • VSWR in operating frequency range: < 1.5;
  • internal attenuator: 0-30 dB;
  • attenuation error up to 10 dB: 2 dB;
  • attenuation error 10 to 20 dB: 5 dB;
  • attenuation error 20 to 30 dB: 8 dB;
  • the output power of the tracking generator: -15...-25 dBm;
  • the accuracy of the signal display within the dynamic range: 2.0 dB;
  • maximum input power at attenuator 0 dB: 10 dBm;
  • maximum input power at attenuator above 20 dB: +20 dBm;
  • the measured maximum input signal: +10 dBm;
  • maximum DC input voltage: 25 Volts;
  • maximum current consumption when working from USB: 350mA.

In the package:

  • spectrum analyzer Arinst SSA-TG LC R2;
  • RF adapter SMA(male)-SMA(female) to protect RF connectors from wear (2 pcs.);
  • cable USB - mini-USB for charging the device and for transmitting data.

Not in the package:

Smartphone or tablet running Android 4.1 or above. Use your Android device to control the device. The execution of the device itself in one case, and the device for its control - in another - was made in order to make the spectrum analyzer simpler and more affordable. You can use your laptop or computer to control the device.

External attenuators. The maximum measured input power supplied to the device is limited to +10 dBm. If it is necessary to measure a larger value, then each user of the device must choose the necessary attenuators.


The Arinst SSA-TG LC R2 spectrum analyzer is not a measuring instrument, since it does not have an approved type of measuring instrument. A statement of the type of measuring instrument would adversely affect the availability and price of the instrument. Therefore, the spectrum analyzer from an official point of view is an indicator of the field. However, despite this, the device fully complies with all declared technical specifications. Each instrument is calibrated by power and frequency.

The analyzer is not a full-fledged classical spectrum analyzer, since it does not use the classical frequency conversion circuit for 100% suppression of the mirror channel. We use mathematical suppression of the mirror channel, which in some rare cases can lead to the appearance of “phantom” signals in the displayed signals.

Dimensions (length , width , height ), mm
88  x   81  x   22 


Portable spectrum analyzer Arinst SSA-TG LC R2
Cable USB - mini-USB for charging the device and for transmitting data, 100 cm
Adapter SMA(male) - SMA(female), 2 pcs.
User manual
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