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KROKS RK21000-50 is a low-power 3G repeater with gain of 50 dB and a maximum output power of 13 dBm (20 mW).

RK2100-50 repeater is suitable for amplification of mobile communication and 3G Internet in cars and small rooms up to 100 m2 with a sufficient level of input signal.

Model RK2100-50 refers to the repeaters of the initial price range. The gain of 50 dB allows to improve the quality of communication only when there is good coverage at the point of installing an external antenna. This class of repeaters are used to cover GSM and LTE signals of small areas, such as a room, a small apartment, a car.

The repeater is equipped with an indicator of power, input level and overload. The compact size of the repeater allows you to hide it in one of the compartments of the car or quietly mounted in the room.

Basic properties of repeater RK2100-50:

  • amplifies the signal of cellular operators in 3G (UMTS2100) communication standards;
  • low power consumption;
  • high gain 50 dB;
  • duplex communication;
  • low noise;
  • led indication of operating modes.

Meets the established requirements:

  • "Rules of application of base stations and repeaters of systems of mobile radiotelephone communication. Part V. Rules of application of the equipment of systems of base stations and repeaters of networks of mobile radio telephone communication of the UMTS standard with frequency duplex spread and frequency code division of radio channels", UTV. By order of the Ministry of communications of Russia dated 17.02.2010 No. 31, as amended by Orders of the Ministry of communications of Russia dated 13.10.2011 No. 256, dated 01.02.2012 No. 27 dated 20.04.2012 No. 118, from 23.04.2013 № 93, from 12.05.2015 No. 157.
Dimensions (length , width , height ), mm
130  x   125  x   38 

Repeaters characteristics:

Operating frequency range UpLink
1920-1980 MHz
Operating frequency range DownLink
2110-2170 MHz
UpLink gain
50-55 dB
DownLink gain
50-55 dB
Maximum output power UpLink
13 dBm
Maximum output power DownLink
13 dBm
Noise figure
≤6 dB
Power supply
DC 4-12 V
Power consumption
5 W
Connector type
Frequency, MHz
Gain, dB


Power supply
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