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Antenna КАА20-1700/2700 - This is a broadband (multidia-band) directional MIMO panel antenna with a gain of 20 dB and support for LTE-A (Advanced) technology.
We recommend this antenna using 3G / 4G modems that support LTE-Advanced Cat.6 technology and operating in the frequency range of 1700-2700 MHz.

LTE Advanced technology (LTE-A) allows you to significantly increase the data transfer rate up to 300 Mbps when using client equipment supporting LTE cat.6.

The antenna is designed to work in wireless communication networks with standard equipment:

  • 2G (EDGE, GPRS at frequencies GSM1800);
  • 3G (UMTS 2100);
  • 4G (LTE1800, LTE2600);
  • Wi-Fi 2,4 GHz (IEEE 802.11b, g, n).

A wide range of antenna operating frequencies allows modems to work effectively at 4G maintenance zones. The modem will automatically switch to the 3G standard in the absence of a 4G signal, and the antenna will provide it with a high-quality signal in both bands. A high gain (20 dB) allows you to confidently work at a considerable distance from the base station of the cellular operator. The antenna works both at the reception and signal transmission.

Using MIMO technology allows you to increase data transfer rate up to 150 Mbps for LTE Cat.4 and up to 300 Mbps for LTE Cat.6.

MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) — is a method of spatial signal coding that allows you to increase the channel bandwidth, in which systems of multiple antennas are used to transmit and receive data. MIMO technology is used in wireless communication systems (Wi-Fi, WiMAX, LTE) to increase bandwidth and use the frequency range more efficiently. Using of MIMO technology allows more data to be transmitted in one frequency range, thereby increasing the transmission speed.

The hermetic antenna body is made of high-quality ABS-plastic, resistant to ultraviolet radiation and precipitation, which allows the use of the antenna both inside and outdoors.

Antenna's inputs DC short-circuited between the outer and inner conductors, which reduces the likelihood of static electricity accumulation at the input of active equipment (modem, router). Thus, the probability of failure of the connected equipment (modem, router) from static electricity is reduced and becomes an optional use of a lightning arrester.

Antenna's mount is intended to set an antenna on the mast with a pipe diameter of 32-40 mm or wall using wall brackets KH-200 and KH-330 and their modifications. This mount makes it possible to change the direction (azimuth), the angle of inclination and the polarization of the antenna.

Dimensions (length , width , height ), mm
445  x   445  x   80 

Antenna characteristics:

Operating frequency range, MHz
Antenna gain, dB
VSWR in the operating frequency range, not more than
Input impedance, Ohm
Maximum input power, W
N- female
F- female
Permissible wind load, m/s
Operating temperature range, °C
-40 … +50
Maximum permissible humidity, %
Port isolation, not less, dB
Communication standard
GSM 1800
UMTS 2100
LTE 1800
LTE 2600
WiFi 2400
Type of mounting
on the tube
Execution type


User manual
Clamp with hardware for mounting on the mast
Angle bracket
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