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The directional, panel antenna KAA9-800 with the 9DB gain coefficient is recommended for use in conjunction with 3G / 4G modems, to enhance the standard LTE 800, UMTS 900 and GSM 900 in the frequency range of 720-960 MHz.

The antenna with a high gain (9 dB) allows a 3G / 4G modem to work confidently at a considerable distance from the base station, while providing it with high-quality reception and signal transmission in the operating frequency range. Using antenna in conjunction in 3G / 4G modems allows to ensure a high level of mobile signal in the zones of uncertain reception. The antenna works both at the reception and signal transmission.

Hermetic antenna's body is made of high-quality ABS-plastic, resistant to ultraviolet radiation and precipitation, which allows the use of an antenna both inside and outdoors.

Antenna's inputs DC short-circuited between the outer and inner conductors, which reduces the likelihood of static electricity accumulation at the input of active equipment.

Two types of mounting are supplied with the antenna:

  • mount for installing the antenna in a parabolic satellite dish (the total gain of such a system reaches 25 dB, depending on the diameter of the dish)
  • mount for installing the antenna on a mast or bracket with a pipe diameter of 32-40 mm. This mount allows you to change direction (azimuth), tilt angle and polarization of the antenna.
Dimensions (length , width , height ), mm
240  x   240  x   100 

Antenna characteristics:

Operating frequency range, MHz
Antenna gain, dB
VSWR in the operating frequency range, not more than
Input impedance, Ohm
Maximum input power, W
N- female
F- female
Permissible wind load, m/s
Operating temperature range, °C
-40 … +50
Maximum permissible humidity, %
Port isolation, not less, dB
Communication standard
GSM 900
UMTS 900
LTE 800
Type of mounting
on the tube
Execution type


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Антенна KROKS KAA9-800
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