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+7 (473) 290-00-99

The bracket with hermetic box designed for mounting a parabolic 3G/Wi-Fi/4G antennas of 21 dB24 dB and 27 dB on the mast.

Hermetic box has sealed inlet for entry into it twisted pair cable and two pigtails with SMA(female) connectors on one of the connectors CRC9,TS9 or U.fl (you can choose when ordering, specifying the required modification). SMA(female) connectors placed on the outer part of hermetic box. CRC9, TS9 or U.fl connectors allow you to connect an RF path of the modem that is installed inside hermetic box. CRC9 and TS9 connectors are used to connect USB modems, and a modification with a U.fl-connector allows you to connect mPCI modems.

Hermetic box securely riveted to the bracket.

Recommended equipment:

  • parabolic 3G/Wi-Fi/4G antenna 21 dB24 dB and 27 dB
  • bracket KGG-SMAx2 with hermetic box
  • a router for mounting in a hermetic box, for example a router with support for a SIM injector

Hermetic box has external dimensions 200х120х75 mm.

Made from frost resistant ABS plastic, resistant to UV radiation.

Brass nuts are pressed into the base of the hermetic box for fastening the cover with countersunk head screws.

Package includes:

  • bracket
  • sealed inlet
  • 2 pigtails
  • base of hermetic box
  • cover of hermetic box
  • М4х15 screws - 4 pcs
  • sealing tape

Package includes:

  • hermobox assembly: base of hermetic box + bracket + sealed inlet + 2 pigtails
  • cover of hermetic box
  • М4х15 screws, 4 pcs
  • sealing tape
Dimensions (length , width , height ), mm
300  x   125  x   106