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Set for 4G/3G Internet at the cottage or country house is a special offer from KROKS.

We have minimized all the difficulties encountered by the user when installing the antenna and configuring the active equipment. All the equipment in the kit you bought is already set up. You need to make a few simple steps and enjoy fast Internet, watching your favorite movies or games in on-line mode.

Now in the country set KSS15-3G/4G-MR MIMO you will get Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n with speeds up to 70 Mbps.

Many mobile operators have good coverage outside of town that allows you to use mobile Internet in the country or suburban area. Country kit 3G already prepared to install and requires no special skills or equipment for installation.

The kit includes:

  1. Directional 15 dB 4G/3G antenna KAA15-1700/2700F
  2. 4G router with built-in modem
  3. Cable assembly with F(male) connectors 10 meters,2 pcs.
  4. Bracket KH-200 with a set of hardware

Installation of the kit is simple and does not require special skills and equipment. When installing the antenna you will need to direct it to the base station of the mobile operator and fix it on the bracket. Then connect the antenna wire to the router with a built-in modem (you need to insert a SIM card into the router) and enjoy stable Internet access via Wi-Fi. You will be able to connect to the Internet all devices that have a wi-fi-module: Iphone, Ipad, Android devices, laptops, smart TV and more.

Data transfer rate:

  • 4G - up to 70 Mbit/s (downlink) / 50 Mbit/s (uplink)
  • 3G - up to 35 Mbit/s (downlink) / 5,76 Mbit/s (uplink)

Ports and interfaces:

  • Ethernet - 5 pcs., 100 Mbit/s (4 pcs. LAN, 1 pcs. WAN)
  • SIM-reader for standard Mini-SIM card installation
  • WI-FI: 802.11 b/g/n – 2 pcs., connector RP-SMA(female)
  • 3G/4G - 2 pcs., connector F(female) or SMA(female)

Main features:

  • Ram 64 MB
  • Rom 16 MB
  • Transmitter power 20 dBm
  • Standard: IEEE 802.11n
  • CPU 580 MHz
  • Supply 6~24 V, 15 W

Attention! The router works with SIM card of any 3G and 4G/LTE operator in the supported frequencies. Warranty - 12 months from the date of sale.

Dimensions (length , width , height ), mm
250  x   250  x   170 


Router with built-in modem
Cable assembly 10 meters - 2 pcs
Mounting set