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This equipment differs from the PRO version without additional adaptors and the external attenuator at 30 dB.

Portable spectrum analyzer Arinst SSA Lite R2 is designed to display spectra signals in the frequency range from 35 to 6200 MHz. The device allows to determine the amplitude and frequency of spectral components included in the signal.

The spectrum analyzer displays the spectra of signals of all common technologies: wifi, 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, CDMA, DCS, GSM, GPRS, GLONASS, etc.


Spectrum analyzer ARINST SSA Lite R2 is designed primarily for practical work, it has a very small weight and dimensions and has a low power consumption. With it, service centers and repair crews can conduct an RF analysis to commissioning or repair work. In addition, the spectrum analyzer is ideal for repair shops and hobbyists.

How does it work?

Spectrum analyzer made in the form of a mobile device with Autonomous power supply, which is connected in the measuring circuit. The device has a 3.2" color resistive touch screen to display the signal spectrum and to control the device. In addition, the device is controlled by a smartphone or tablet running Android version 4.1-8.1.

Data between the device and the smartphone are transmitted both through the built-in Bluetooth module, and USB cable. Bluetooth operating range up to 10 meters (the Password to access via Bluetooth: 1234).

All measured data in real time are displayed on the device screen or smartphone/tablet.

To control the spectrum analyzer with the smartphone/tablet from Google Play need to install software or download latest version from site and install it manually.

For normal operation of the application requires Windows 7 or higher and the latest version of the Java Virtual Machine.

The application requires full (100%) OpenGL version support 2.1 and above.

The advantages of spectrum analyzer ARINST SSA R2:

  • the color resistive display with a diagonal of 3.2 inches,
  • wide frequency range: 35 to 6200 MHZ,
  • a quick scan of the range of frequencies of about 150 µs per point
  • high measurement accuracy: 2 dB within the dynamic range of 70-75 dB,
  • small weight and sizes: weight only 400 g, the size of 155х81х27 mm
  • self-powered for up to 4 hours of continuous operation
  • wireless data transfer to smartphone/tablet
  • work with most devices running Android,
  • the ability to use one device with multiple smartphones/tablets
  • the ability to power the device from a tablet or smartphone
  • free software and free updates to the management appliance.

The displayed frequency range 35 — 6200 MHz
The measured frequency range 35 — 4500 MHz
Dynamic range for band 35-3000 MHz 75 dB
Dynamic range for band 3000-4500 MHz 70 dB
Maximum band review 6165 MHz
The bandwidth of the drive (fixed) 200 kHz
Scanning speed in a swath of more than 100 MHz 700 MHz/sec
The review time in the band 100 MHz < 0.25 seconds
Shelf noise in the band up to 3000 MHz < -100 dBm
Shelf noise in the band of 3000 - 4500 MHz < -95 dBm
Shelf noise in the band 4500 - 6200 MHz < -90 dBm
Impedance 50 Ohm
VSWR in operating frequency range < 1,5
Internal attenuator 0 - 30 dB
Error attenuation up to 10 dB 2 dB
Error attenuation 10 to 20 dB 5 dB
Error attenuation 20 to 30 dB 8 dB
The accuracy of the signal within the dynamic range 2 dB
Maximum input power at attenuator 0 dB 10 dBm
Maximum input power when the attenuation more than 20 dB +20 dBm
Maximum input measured signal +10 dBm
Maximum DC voltage on input 25 In
Maximum current consumption when running on battery 350 mA
Maximum ptrebley current when running on USB (with included battery) 500 mA
Battery 2000 mAh
Time battery life 4 hours
The battery time of ~ 5 hours

Bonding ranges in the analyzer Arinst SSA Software overview and training to work with Arinst SSA
Managing regions in the spectrum analyzer Arinst SSA Align the antenna using the spectrum analyzer Arinst SSA

Wiring diagram of the analyzer.

Main functions of the application to control the device:

    • View spectrum signals in the form of graphs, with the installation of the frequency range and reference level

    • Installation and management of absolute and relative (Delta) markers

    • A search of one or several (up to ten) the maximum values of the signal in the snapshot or tracking modes

    • The purpose and preservation of the unique identifiers for the ranges of frequencies – the "regions". For example, you can assign a "region" called "DCS UpLink" band 1710-1785 MHz. And also you can assign working frequencies for each operator. This option greatly facilitates the RF-analysis and identification of signals with standard technologies.

    • The presence of predefined "regions", as well as the ability to save the "regions" file and share them with other devices to control the spectrum analyzer Arinst SSA R2.

    • The trace mode, which is based is averaged over multiple measurements of the spectrum of the signal. In addition to the average possible display modes are the extreme values, moving average. The number of measurements for the trace selected by the user.

    • Save settings scan the spectrum (the boundaries of the frequency range, the value of the attenuator, etc.) for quick and easy switch to the desired mode of measurement.

    • The preservation of the signal spectrum together with the markers for further analysis. With this saved chart can be opened on any Android device with installed application "Arinst SSA R2" (it is not necessary to have the spectrum analyzer), or convert into the desired form using any table editor.


Spectrum analyzer Arinst SSA R2 is not a measuring device, since it has type-approved measuring instruments. Type approval of a measuring instrument would result in affecting the availability and price of the device. Therefore, the spectrum analyzer from the official point of view is the field indicator. However, despite this, the device meets all stated specifications. Each instrument is calibrated in power and frequency.

Analyzer is a complete classical spectrum analyzer, because it does not use the classical scheme of frequency conversion to 100% suppression of the mirror channel. We use a mathematical image rejection that in some rare cases may lead to the appearance of the displayed signals the "phantom" signals.

Additional Information

  • Essentially, the device is "RF multimeter" or "RF explorer";
  • The device has a manufacturer's warranty for 1 year from the date of purchase;
  • The device does not work with iPhones and other Apple products;
  • Frequency bands are displayed only when working with Android devices or with Windows devices. Frequency bands are not displayed on the screen of the device itself;
  • There is an option for fast delivery to the USA via DHL for an additional fee. Such delivery will take no more than 5 days;
  • When sending we can indicate the customs value that the buyer needs. For example, upon delivery to Europe, we usually specify the customs value of $ 17;
  • For the correct operation of the Windows software need to have the OpenGl support of your equipment (version 2.1 and higher).
Dimensions (length , width , height ), mm
155  x   81  x   27 


Portable spectrum analyzer Arinst SSA R2
Power cable mini-USB to USB 2.0 data transfer, 100 cm
Adapter SMA(male) - SMA(female)
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