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Ready set to enhance the city's cellular signal GSM 1800 for small rooms measuring up to 200 m2.

This kit is recommended for use in areas where signal is bad or missing, and on the street is acceptable or good.

Equipped with an external GSM antenna KP14-1800 with 14dB gain and an internal wall antenna KP7-1800/2700 with gain of 7 dB.

Repeater RK1800-60Fsupplied, complies with the requirements of "Rules of application of base stations and retransmitters for the systems of mobile radio communications. Part II. Rules of application subsystems for base stations and repeaters of networks of mobile radio telephone communication of GSM 900/1800 standard", est. The order of Ministry of communications of Russia dated 12.04.2007, № 45, as amended by Orders of the Ministry of communications of Russia dated 01.02.2012 № 28, from 23.04.2013 № 93, from 11.03.2014 №38, from 22.09.2014 № 307.

Scope of the kit KRD1800

  • city offices
  • small shops
  • restaurants and cafes
  • warehouses,
  • the cabins and other small rooms.

Depending on the level of the input signal, the coverage area will be from 30 to 150 m2 (the worse the input, the smaller the area of coverage)

Is repeater radiation harmful to health?
On the contrary. Repeater installed in the room with poor signal, reduces the harmful radiation, because the mobile phone does not need to emit at full power to "finish" and the base station operator.

The radiation power of the repeater is about 10 mW. Phone to find the repeater switches to a low radiation power, as he will need to connect already with the repeater, which is located at a distance of several meters.
Thus, the use of the repeater reduces the harmful effects from the device, and increases the operation time from the battery

Dimensions (length , width , height ), mm
310  x   310  x   200 

Repeaters characteristics:

Operating frequency range UpLink
1710-1785 MHz
Operating frequency range DownLink
1805-1880 MHz
UpLink gain
55-60 dB
DownLink gain
57-63 dB
Maximum output power UpLink
18 dBm
Maximum output power DownLink
18 dBm
Noise figure
≤6 dBi
Power supply
AC 100-240В 50Hz / DC 6-24 V
Power consumption
5 W
Connector type
F- female
Frequency, MHz
Gain, dB


Antenna KP14-1800
Antenna KP7-1700/2700
Repeater RK1800-60F
Cable assembly F-F 10 meters - 2 pcs
Bracket KH-200 for attaching an external antenna
КPR3 bracket for mounting the internal antenna
Kit of hardware for mounting the brackets
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