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How to amplify signal of 3G modem

If you are not satisfied with the speed of 3G Internet and the stability of the connection leaves much to be desired, the solution is the use of a 3G signal amplifier, namely a bunch of 3G feeder + plate, which will give a gain of up to 23db.

Note that any obstacles between the tower 3G operator and your feeder will lead to a weakening of the signal. It can be trees, houses, buildings, uneven terrain. So choose the place of installation of the dish so that was possible direct visibility of the tower.

The 3G modem connects to the feeder with the pigtail cable (it is optional). At one end of the cable should be plug N-male, which is connected to the feeder. The other end of the cable should have a connector, that responds to the connector on your modem (different modem models have different connectors). The cable must be of high quality, as it is sure to occur signal loss, and they must be minimized. It is not recommended to use a cable longer than 10-15 meters.

Hold down the feeder in the dish holder. Most operators of 3G Internet use vertical polarization of the radio signal, so the polarization of the feeder should also be vertical (i.e. the arrow on the label of the feeder must be directed vertically). Very rarely, the polarization of the radio signal from the operator's tower is horizontal. To find out what is the polarization of the signal from your 3G operator, you need to try to turn the feeder in the holder at 90° and look at the readings of the signal level in the program on the computer. Inappropriate choice of polarization, the signal level will drop by 30 dB or even more.

Direct the dish to the tower. For this arc, from the dish to the feeder, should be directed exactly towards the tower 3G operator. It may seem that the dish is "looking" into the ground. In fact, it receives a signal from the direction where the arc that holds the irradiator is directed. If the tower is far away, the arc will be approximately parallel to the ground, as shown in the figure.

If the mounting of the dish is difficult or impossible, then use the panel 3G antenna KP14-2050, which is a great amplifier 3G signal for your modem, but it is very compact at the same time.

In most cases its gain to 14 dB is enough to increase the speed of your 3G Internet and increase connection stability. To connect this antenna use the same pigtail as mentioned above.

Thus, the most powerful 3G singal amplifier is the 3G band feeder + parabolic antenna, but if there is at least some signal from the operator, then a compact panel 3G antenna can be used that amplifies the 3G signal for a modem 20-25 times.