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Installation scheme of the mobile signal repeater

схема установки репитера мобильного сигнала

The signal from the base station is caught by a directional antenna (for example, KP14-1800) or sector antenna (for example, KPS12-1800-70T). Base stations from different operators may be in different directions, and to catch the signal from several operators at once, use a sector antenna as an external antenna.

The signal is transmitted via cable from an external antenna to the repeater, amplified by it and then transmitted to the power divider. The power divider divides the incoming signal into several outputs. In this case, the input power is divided evenly between the outputs. Power dividers are used to split the amplified signal from one repeater into several rooms.

Then the signal is transmitted through several cables to the rooms on sector antennas (for example, KPS12-1800-70TF). Mobile phones catch this signal.

Mobile phones also emit a signal that the internal antennas catch and transmit via cable to the power divider, then to the repeater and then to the external antenna.