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Quick preparation of the DVR to work

The article describes how to quickly install and configure your surveillance system from the company Kroks, and quickly set up the DVR and the IP cameras with PoE.

Before starting work, we will define the network map. If possible, you should clarify the network configuration with your system administrator. Suppose the final configuration of a computer network including the installed video surveillance system will be:


The range of fixed IP addresses, with the exception of the router, -

For video surveillance, you must use fixed IP addresses.

Assign IP address to the DVR

Four cameras will assign addresses in the range —

We will connect all the devices according to this scheme, but without connecting to the external network, in order to avoid the conflict of IP addresses.

Upon initial startup, the DVR will launch a quick setup utility. Consider its work.

Click "Next Step"

Select the user name "admin" and enter the password 12345.

Select interface language.

Click "User" or "Login".

Authorization is completed.

We do not change anything in the «Settings» tab. Go to the tab «Date».

In the «Date» tab, we make the necessary date and time settings.

Set the IP address to

Set the gateway address

Set addresses of DNS servers and

Click "Next step"

Select "Automatic mode"

Confirm changing the IP address of the remote device

In this menu, select a calendar entry. Recording may occur at a specific time. Also, recording can occur by event, for example, by a motion detector. We do not change anything, click "OK".

All cameras will be configured automatically. They will be assigned IP addresses, following order of the IP address of the DVR.

Click the right mouse button on the screen. And select the last menu item.

Go to the menu "Storage" ("Storage")

Click the "Disk" tab

Select the disk and click "Format"

Confirm the formatting.

Waiting for device reboot.

Click the right mouse button.

Uncheck the box next to the auto-run utility auto-launch, click «Next step»

Log in, the default password is «12345» and select the language menu. Exit from the settings utility.

Click the right mouse button and select the bottom menu item.

Click icon "Camera"

Check the correctness of the IP addresses.

Make sure all the cameras are on the required subnet and have the necessary IP addresses.

Then the surveillance system is ready to work.

Thus, it is possible to quickly configure and prepare the DVR for operation.