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Simple and cheap repeater

If your cell phone or mobile 3G Internet does not catch you well, then one of the solutions is to buy and install 3G or GSM repeater (active amplifier). But this raises a number of troubles. Firstly, repeaters are quite tangible price, and its installation, for example, in the country, to use it on the strength of 30 days a year, is not advisable. And, secondly, the use of an active amplifier requires permission, which is simply impossible for a private individual (cellular frequencies are already assigned to cellular operators).

Sometimes the problem of a weak signal can be solved by the use of a passive amplifier. If, for example, there is a good stable signal on the roof, but it is not in the room, then we put a directional or sector antenna on the roof, put an omnidirectional or sector antenna in the room, connect them with a cable and receive a signal in the room. And it works! The disadvantage of this method only in the low range of the mobile device from the receiving-transmitting antenna indoors is no more than one or two meters.

This is a very budget method (you need to buy only antennas and cable), and you do not need to receive any permits from government agencies. Just keep in mind that there must be a good signal in the installation site of the external antenna. The cable should be as short as possible and this cable should be of very good quality, with minimal losses.